Biotics Supplements

While I emphasize my clients consume real nutrient dense food and make lifestyle changes,  there are times when whole food supplementation can help jump start the healing process providing nutrients the body needs but may not be able to get from the diet.

I use
Biotics Research Corporation  whole food supplements (available exclusively through healthcare professionals) in my practice as they have a solid reputation with thousands of healthcare practitioners myself included. Biotics is committed to research, production and quality control.

Biotics innovate products are carefully researched, and their scientists are leaders in cutting-edge phytochemistry. Biotics Research is at the forefront of research development and quality production in the nutritional industry. I know of no other food supplement manufacturer who puts so much thought into their products.  For over 35 years Biotics has been consistent in reliability and clinical results. I have experienced this firsthand in my own practice.

Why should you buy supplements through your healthcare professional?

Biotics states “Most people do not give much thought to the purchase of their nutritional supplements, assuming that they are basically the same.  However, the quality of dietary supplements varies tremendously from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Unfortunately, many products are not what they are represented to be.  So how can a consumer make an educated choice when purchasing the nutritional supplement that is right for them?  With the assistance of their trusted Healthcare Professional.  They can recommend products with which they have confidence, based on consistent and effective clinical results”.

Quality whole food supplements like Biotics may cost a little more, but you are assured of getting an effective quality supplement and that the nutrients in that supplement will be in the most bio-available forms that the body can use.

A word about internet supplement sales – you may find Biotics and other quality supplements for sale online.  While there are some legitimate sellers, caution is advised as there have been instances of fraud (package tampering, expired product and so on).  Purchasing from your healthcare provider assures you are getting what you pay for and you are using a product they recommend that supports your individual needs.