Fermented Foods

– Learn how to incorporate beneficial fermented foods and beverages into your diet. Learn how easy it is to ferment and culture them yourself.  Fermented/cultured foods and beverages improve digestion, increase good bacteria (probiotics), vitamin content, and nutrient absorption, and build immunity.

Detoxification Cleanse

– Learn how the detoxification process works, what toxins are, where they come from, how they affect your body, and the importance of opening up your elimination pathways before you can detoxify properly.  Participate in a guided 28 day cleanse.

(Please visit my Detoxification Program page for complete details).


Shopping for Nutrient Dense Foods

– Learn how to navigate your supermarket, read and understand food labels, source local sustainable foods, and more.  Learn what foods are good, better and best.  Learn the difference between grass fed, cage free and organic.  Become shopper savvy.