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Detoxification is the way the body heals and repairs itself.  The systems involved in detoxification include the cardiovascular, lymphatic, digestive, urinary and the skin.  Toxins have to actually be eliminated from the body, they don’t just magically disappear from your tissues when you do a cleanse. These detoxification systems pathways must be open to enable toxins to leave the body.

Detoxification will be severely impaired with poor digestion and elimination.  During digestion detoxification depends on two things - the integrity of the GI membrane and the precise bacterial and chemical environment.  An imbalance in the flora can injure the intestinal walls allowing undigested food and contaminants (toxins) to leak into the bloodstream.  If toxins break free in the large intestine, they will go back into circulation and will not be eliminated from the body.  

One of the many functions of the liver is to filter toxins from the blood and neutralize them for elimination. These toxins then pass through the gallbladder in bile.  If the bile is thick, viscous, and not free flowing the toxins will not be released and excreted from the body.

If food isn’t properly digested, even a good diet can clog detoxification pathways.   Some amino acids play important roles in the functioning of detoxification pathways in the liver.  Poor fat digestion can also clog the lymph, affecting liver function.   Improper digestion can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  Toxins deplete minerals like magnesium which can lead to insufficiency of enzymes necessary for phase I & phase II liver detoxification pathways.  B vitamins are also needed for production of detoxification enzymes.

Good digestion of the proper macro and micro nutrients is essential to the body’s ability to detoxify.  If digestion & elimination are not initially supported, a successful detoxification will not occur. 

How it Works:

The Complete Bio-Detoxification is a program designed to address issues associated with common underlying health challenges utilizing the Complete BioDetox Kit, including Step One and Step Two.

Step One

This initial step focuses on reducing chronic inflammation. This step utilizes the following supplements and lasts for 7 days or more and is immediately followed by Step Two.

Beta-TCP™: Uses a combination of nutrients to help increase biliary function. Increasing function aids in both Phase 1 and Phase 2 detox. As our gallbladders become less effective, it becomes a greater challenge to clear excess toxins and heavy metals from the body. 
Bromelain Plus CLA™: Works to fight inflammation as well as deliver Bromelain and Papain. The added proteolytic activity also takes work off of the body’s shoulders, allowing it to focus on healing.


Step Two

Utilizes the NEW Complete BioDetox Kit and consists of a thorough metabolic cleansing program. This step lasts for 10 days or more depending on your specific toxic burden level.
The Complete BioDetox Kit is packaged for convenience and contains:

1 Beta-TCP™
1 Bromelain Plus CLA™
1 Bio-Detox Packs™ – 30 packets of mixed supplements

2 tablets of A.D.P®
2 soft gels of Optimal EFAs®
1 capsule of Bromelain Plus CLA™
5 capsules containing Beta‐TCP™, Livotrit Plus®, BioProtect™, and MCS‐2™

1 NutriClear®  OR NutriClear® Free – metabolic clearing support formula. NutriClear® Free contains no sweeteners or sugar.
1 Whey Protein Isolate (Plain, Vanilla, or Chocolate) OR 1 Pea Protein Isolate – high quality source of protein
1 Biotics Research Blender Bottle 


The Complete Bio-Detoxification Program

Why It Works

To achieve a successful cleanse your detoxification pathways must be open! This easy detoxification program sets us apart by supporting detoxification pathways and digestion so you may achieve a successful cleanse and then reap the benefits.  Let's take a look at the critical role digestion and the elimination pathways play in detoxification:

The Complete Bio-Detoxification Program - $350

A 30 day detox cleanse focusing on opening up the elimination pathways, reducing chronic inflammation, and metabolic cleansing.  Includes the complete Bio-Detox kit and 30 minute consult to assess your individual needs.

Learn more about the Complete Bio-Detoxification Program, the detoxification process, and take my mini quiz to see if you may benefit from a detox cleanse.: