Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)       Introductory Special - $125 (test & interpretation)

Hair tissue mineral analysis measures the mineral content of your hair providing an exclusive look into your body detecting mineral imbalances (basically a window into your cells and cellular activity).

HTMA is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for detecting toxic metals in the body.

HTMA can assess the productivity of your energy/stress system, determine your oxidation type/rate, identify trends before they occur, and assess organ, gland and tissue function. This information helps determine which nutrients are most supportive (and which are not) to rebuild the body’s energy mechanism restoring balance within the body. 

HTMA can help identify possible biochemical imbalances contributing to anxiety depression, hyperactivity, phobias and insomnia.

While blood tests are beneficial to determine cholesterol, hemoglobin and other criterion, they are unable to provide the information that HTMA does.  Measurement of mineral levels in the blood is more difficult as it is ten times less than in the tissues.  Blood tests can fluctuate day to day due to foods eaten the previous day and emotional states.  Hair analysis does not differ day to day providing a long term metabolic blueprint.

HTMA is not new and has been around for 30 years being used in every industrial and university chemistry lab.

All you need to perform the test is a small sampling of hair from the nape of the neck, weigh it and send it in.

Some signs of possible mineral deficiencies or mineral imbalances include:

  • White spots, longitudinal ridging or deep grooves across your fingernails

  • Brittle hair and nails

  • Stretch marks

  • Lack of growth

  • Mood swings

  • Low energy

  • Some common causes of mineral imbalances include:

  • Poor or inappropriate diet

  • Supplementation that is not compatible

  • Medications, birth control

  • Stress

  • Toxic metal overload

  • Mineral pattern inheritance


Hair analysis testing is invaluable in balancing the body and determining what is the right diet and supplementation for you.