Not feeling your best,

despite diet & lifestyle changes?

Addressing food sensitivities can play a big role in reaching your health & wellness goals.

It is estimated that as much as 90% of the population have some kind of allergy or sensitivity and most people are unaware that their symptoms are related to a food they may be eating on a regular basis.

Prairie Hill Nutrition is excited to offer a new state of the art food sensitivity test


Classes and Seminars

Give a man a fish,

they will eat for a day.

Teach a man how to fish,

and they will eat for a lifetime!


While I emphasize my clients consume real nutrient dense food and make lifestyle changes,  there are times when whole food supplementation can help jump start the healing process providing nutrients the body needs but may not be able to get from the diet.


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can assess the productivity of your energy/stress system, determine your oxidation type/rate, identify trends before they occur, and assess organ, gland and tissue function.

This information helps determine which nutrients are most supportive (and which are not) to rebuild the body’s energy mechanism restoring balance within the body.


The Complete Bio-Detoxification Program

Why It Works

To achieve a successful cleanse your detoxification pathways must be open! This easy detoxification program sets us apart by supporting detoxification pathways and digestion so you may achieve a successful cleanse and then reap the benefits.  Let's take a look at the critical role digestion and the elimination pathways play in detoxification:


Nutritional Therapy

can help you achieve your wellness goals by restoring balance to what we call the Six Foundations of Optimal Health. 

A Customized Nutritional Recommendations Plan is created specifically for you including dietary and lifestyle changes and optional whole food supplements.

Several tools unique to Nutritional Therapy answer three BIG questions for every client:

  *Is there a deficiency or imbalance?

  *Will a particular nutrient work for that client?

  *When is the client sufficient?