Nutritional Therapy

In today's fast paced environment it is extremely difficult to think about our health, diet, and lifestyle choices.  With so many obligations our well-being often takes a back seat to be considered "another day".  Before we know it years have gone by and we start to experience symptoms and conditions and not looking or feeling as well as we used to.  We eventually recognize our quality of life is less than optimal and while burning the candle at both ends we may not be able to enjoy our families and the fruits of our labor.

Many of us suffer from digestive issues, gas & bloating, low energy, insomnia, blood sugar issues, weight gain/loss, joint pain & stiffness, heartburn, fatigue, allergies, food sensitivities and so on.  We believe this is normal and a natural part of the aging process.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

This is where Nutritional Therapy comes in.  Nutritional Therapy focuses on balancing the five Foundations of Optimal Health:  Digestion, Blood Sugar Handling, Fatty Acid Balance, Mineral Balance, and Hydration through a properly prepared nutrient dense whole foods diet and specific whole food supplements.  Balancing the Foundations can reduce or eliminate most symptoms and conditions you may be experiencing as they are often rooted in these Foundations.  

Nutritional Therapy is bio-individual and recognizes that one diet does not fit all.  As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I focus on finding the optimal diet for every client. Dietary and lifestyle recommendations are presented based on an in depth health history, an online nutritional assessment questionnaire, system burden graph, food journal and other information gathering tools while always keeping your health concerns in mind. Food sensitivity testing, hair tissue mineral analysis testing and detoxification plans and modalities are also available and recommended.  

We must invest in ourselves now to be healthy or we will later on invest in ourselves to be sick.

As a Certified Nutritional Therapist, I look forward to working with you through Nutritional Therapy to help resolve your health concerns and issues and provide a customized nutritional recommendations plan that works for you!

I work with both distance (online) and in office clients.

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“Life in all its fullness is Mother Nature obeyed”

                                                                                -Weston A. Price, DDS.


Nutritional Therapy visits/programs/fees:

Distance clients please use the Contacts page for packages/fees.

In person client visit fees:

Single Individual Consultation visit - $89.

One time Consultation Evaluation Package - 90 minute nutritional assessment consultation.  Lifestyle/nutritional and supplementation recommendations plan based on the online nutritional assessment questionnaire, initial interview/health history questionnaire and food journal.  Additional options to dive deeper with additional support and guidance. This package includes one free Antidote Service - $225.

Three Month Wellness Package (6 visits) -  a more in depth look and support into the diet & nutritional health of the client. Highly recommended for individuals with chronic symptoms!  Includes everything in the One Time Consultation Visit Evaluation Package plus the hands on functional evaluation/lingual neuro testing. These additional tools help fine tune exactly where health priorities are, what systems needs the most support and pinpoint what nutrients/supplements the body wants/needs.  Nutritional recommendations plans, support, progress monitoring, education & re-evaluation.  This package includes one free Antidote Service - $525.


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